No cure like travel for malaise about distant Parliament,
Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail, September 29, 2005

Liberal Renewal Commission : Civic Engagement

Libs shut down their highly-touted renewal commission, The Hill Times, May 14th, 2007
Reconnecting people to politics, Toronto Star, March 7, 2007

Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform

The Debate is Good..., Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun, September 19, 2007
Discussing Electoral Reform 1, CBC Radio Windsor
Discussing Electoral Reform 2, CBC Radio Thunder Bay

Erasmus Program

Ontario Morning, CBC Radio

The Constituency Project

The human face of politics doesn't look like your MP, but like your MP's assistant. Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail; September 24, 2004

November 8th; The Hill Times; 'The Constituency Project' (Note: PDF file, Page 16)

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